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How To Fix Europe’s Financial System

Fixing Europe’s Unsustainable Nexus Governments within the eurozone have been dithering on the problem of fiscal sustainability for over two and a half years. The intensity of market-related concerns surrounding fiscal policy conduct has, not surprisingly, increased over this period. Meanwhile, theUKgovernment took the different approach of engaging in severe austerity, because it believed that […]

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Spain’s Bailout: No Panacea

Lingering Spanish Banking Woes Being Resolved A major cause of the lingering concern towards the euro has been angst about the health of Spain’s banking system, resulting in an outflow of deposits to safer havens and disruption to funding markets. Hence, the decision by the Spanish government, after months of dithering, to seek €100bn of […]

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Said Desaque


Thank you for sparing time to visit my website. My name is Said DeSaque. I am a professional economist with 26 years of experience covering the US economy. In recent years, my research interests have widened to incorporate Asia. The aim of DeSaque Macro Research is to provide innovative insights on the global economy, with […]

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