Research Principles

Research Principles - Desaque Macro Research


DeSaque Macro Research is founded on fiercely independent and objective principles.  All insights are devoid of the incumbent pressures on decision makers to yield to the investment banking interests that can sway the objectivity of other sell-side research. Independent sources of research allow the views and concerns of clients to have input in shaping the debating forum with the view to constructing new ideas.

Emphasis on Building Relationships

The emphasis on client-engagement is based on the commitment to building long-term relationships. While the investment horizons of clients will vary, DeSaque Macro Research recognises the importance of understanding the nuances of different investment processes and how they may change over time.

Ease of Contact

Said DeSaque, founder of DeSaque Macro Research, firmly rejects the impersonal “Ivory Tower” approach to providing insights. Clients have easy access to Said via telephone, electronically, and, whenever possible, through face-to-face contact.